Èeská verze

   I lived through my childhood with a Wire Fox Terrier bitch named Zora. This extraordinary animal which accompanied me for the period of 17 years influenced my relationship to this breed and dogs in general. Except for ability to talk, she was a sheer perfection. Our relationship was so strong that in spite of her age, she kept waiting for my return from the Military Service, and in this way gave me the opportunity to part with her. All our family was deeply moved by her death, since I was not the only one to have a very close relationship the dog.

   The relationship which I had acquired to this breed thanks to Zora brought me to an idea to set up a breeding station (kennel). That is why I started looking for a suitable wire bitch. My search was rather difficult, but I succeeded in finding a high quality bitch Arka z Bedihoš»ských Nivek from Mr. Adolf Vojtášek, from Bedihoš» u Prostìjova, the Czech Republic. (Sire: English dog, Sunybrook Solicitor, Dam: Orlana z Rifu).

   Arka became the foundation of my breeding station Franke. In 1985 she had puppies for the first time and I kept one bitch for future breeding, called Affy Franke. She was sired by Int. Ch. Tornádo Gold, owned by Mr. Milan Šedík from the Slovak Republic. I am grateful to this great Slovak friend of mine for his initial advice in breeding and trimming.

   One year after I acquired Arka, I obtained another high quality bitch from the same breeding station, called Lina z Bedihoš»ských Nivek (Sire:Telly Larchenbruch, Dam: Orlana z Rifu). The sire was imported from Austria, from Mr. Margarete Huber. Lina became the corner stone of my breeding – in connection with the best dogs available in those times she gave top puppies and from this reason earned a nickname “Mother of Champions“.

Affy Franke Lina z Bedihostskych Nivek

   Worth mentioning is the litter sired by Corpus v.d. Bismarckquelle, whose father was Blackdale Captain. Among the most successful dogs of that time, I would stress mainly Ted Franke, Tea Franke, Tina Franke, all Int. Ch., and Ch. in several countries, and Ted Franke, 4 times CACIT.

   Ted Franke sired more than 20% of all breeding individuals in former Czechoslovakia. He was of excellent exterior and character, which was evident in his descendants. For one year he was put out to stud in Poland and also in France. He lived to the age of 14, and I still keep breeding in the line of his sister Tea Franke.

Ted Franke Tea Franke

   In 1995, the name of my breeding station was changed. Re-registration of breeding stations commenced on international level. Since there had already existed a kennel of identical title, I was made to add the word “Star” to my one. In this way, the name of my breeding station Star Franke originated.

   The first dog having the new name was Wotan Star Franke, Int. Ch., and Champion of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and CACIT.

Wotan Star Franke

   Breeding of Tea Franke with Wotan Star Franke produced Int. Ch. Myster Star Franke. And breeding her with Kipper Star Franke produced Wera Star Franke, who achieved the title of the European Champion on the Budapest Exhibition in 2008.

   Currently, my best individuals are Ch. Kiss Star Franke and her brother Int. Ch. Kipper Star Franke (Sire: Loumaidlea Heartbreaker at Swanvally). Another successful dog is Int. Ch. Black Star Franke (Sire: Travella Strike Twice, Dam: Myster Star Franke).

Kipper Star Franke Kiss Star Franke

   General lack of breeding animals in my beginnings forced me to search for high quality animals on my own. On this difficult journey, I received much support from Mr. Josef Brázda, who introduced me to Dr. Carola Möhrke from Germany, owner of the Bismarckquelle Kennel. Consequently, I obtained several dogs from him, sired by dogs imported from Blackdale, Louline and Sonorra kennels.

   Another person who helped to increase the quality of my breeding was Mr. Walter Jungblut from Germany, with his stud dogs imported from England, Travella Kennels. In 2007, thanks to Walter, I obtained an imported dog from England, Travella Sporting Chance, co-owned by Mr. Miloslav Šobr. Most of my current breeding is based on this line.

Travella Sporting Chance

   20 dogs from my breeding have achieved an Int. Ch. title up to now, 2 titles CACIT, and majority of them became Champions of neighboring countries. Four of my dogs achieved a title of Junior European Champion (Irga Abdank, Banto Star Franke, Hally Star Franke, and Kiss Star Franke). Since the time, when the Czech Fox Terrier Club has organized the competition Top Fox Terrier, every year the dogs from my breeding station became the winners.

   Except for Fox terriers, I also successfully breed Welsh Terriers (line Saredon) and also West Highland White Terriers. For the period of 10 years I was working as the Breed’s Representative at the Czech Fox Terrier Club. In 1990, I passed the exam for a Judge of Fox Terriers and Cairn Terrier. Gradually, I have also achieved qualification for the whole 3rd group of Terriers, Black Russian Terriers, and Saint Bernard Dogs.

   As a breeder, I acquired a conviction during the years, that a dog with a great exterior and a good character can perform well in work, but even a well performing dog with weak exterior cannot achieve a CACIB title. And in this way such a dog cannot bring benefit to breeding. My prime objective at present is to keep searching for and breeding of the highest quality dogs possible, since it is difficult to reach the top, but even more difficult to keep there.

František Polehòa